The energy team is committed to ensuring that the design minimizes energy usage while maximizing renewable generation! The development of on-site energy production is essential to reducing the impact of the design. Members of this team will get exposure to energy modeling, novel sources of renewable energy (ie. district energy systems), solar tracking, and PV array design.

Interested in becoming a member of the energy team?


  • Designing the building’s renewable energy generation system in accordance with BC Building Code, BC Energy Step Code, and National Energy Code  

    • Performing calculations to size photovoltaic array and select equipment  

    • Coordinating with other sub teams on location and amount of solar panels  

  • Energy modelling  

    • Learning software to generate the energy model (IES, Rhino/Grasshopper)  

    • Calculating heating and cooling loads  

    • Simulating the effect of passive strategies and control systems  

  • Drafting diagrams and schematics of the energy system  

  • Collaborating with the electrical sub-team to: 

    • ensure energy system meets the building’s electrical needs 

    • determine optimum energy storage types and sizes 

  • Researching and implementing novel energy solutions for green buildings  

  • Attending weekly team meetings  

Candidate Requirements:  

  • Able to dedicate 5-10 hours a week to the team  

  • Self-motivated and able to work with little supervision  

  • Willing to learn new things and ask questions  

  • Passionate about sustainability  

  • Strong communication and organization skills  

  • Proficient in Excel  

  • Interested in renewable, clean energy  

  • Comfortable working under time constraints 

Candidate Preferences:  

  • Knowledge of renewable energy systems, specifically PV  

  • Familiarity with, or desire to learn IES VE or other energy modelling software