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Laundry Haus

Building Type

Mixed-Use Multi-Family


W 4th and Ontario St. , Vancouver


2020 - 2021

Architecture Partners


Engineering Partners

RJC (structural), 

Integral (MEP),

RDH (energy & building envelope)

Laundry Haus was Third Quadrant Design's first attempt at a larger scale building.


We transformed a light industrial warehouse at the end of its life into a high-performance five storey mixed-use development. Building on our success in 2020, we hoped to use our momentum to compete in a more challenging and competitive division -- and it worked.


We won 1st place in the Mixed-Use Multi-Family Division, beating out schools like Harvard, Berkeley, and the University of Arizona.

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Laundry Haus is regeneratively designed and holds building resilience and occupant comfort as paramount to creating a holistic community in which to live, work, and play.

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